Fangs & Fantasies

Fangs & Fantasies


October 31, 2023    
11:30 pm
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Dare to be entranced this All Hallow’s Eve at the hauntingly opulent MUSICA NYC. MUSICA emerges from the shadows as New York City’s latest realm of ethereal revelry. With the Cipriani legacy, globally renowned for summoning unparalleled hospitality experiences, merging with Italy’s reigning nightlife phantoms of MUSICA, a new epoch of nocturnal enchantments beckons in 2022.

It isn’t the vast echoing chambers of the venue that bewitch but the ghostly pulses and enigmatic energies that weave through the air – a spellbinding allure that’s intangible and elusive. Cipriani’s worldwide sanctums of luxury are legendary, with each echoing whispers of ageless elegance and charm.

Yet MUSICA is no mere dance of the undead. Born in the heart of Riccione, Italy – the cryptic nexus of the nation’s after-dark incantations – MUSICA carries with it ancient rites and mystic allure, redefining the very spirit and soul of NYC’s nocturnal sanctuaries. Beware, for a night at MUSICA is an otherworldly journey you’ll never forget.


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637 West 50th Street
10019 New York City

+1 212-747-1007